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The Voice of Intuition Susan and LaQuita

The secrets to Redefining your Success with LaQuita Monley and Susan Jane. Aug 1, 2022

The secrets to Redefining your Success with LaQuita Monley and Susan Jane.

Redefining Success allows you to live a life with purpose and on purpose and the wonderful LaQuita gives you a great understanding of it. LaQuita has spent many years moving around the world with her husband and children in the military field. How do you constantly pack up and move to the next location without going crazy? LaQuita guides you to redefine your idea of what success is and how you can better approach is to create success for yourself.

Redefining Success

Those who shift their minds transform their lives and lead others into greatness. When obstacles arise, LaQuita Monley refuses to buckle under pressure. She evaluates problems through an optimistic lens and develops strategies for advancement. The result is continual flourishing while operating in her purpose.

LaQuita redefines her own success. This multifaceted entrepreneur, international speaker, and minister believe the foundation of personal development and business growth rests in possessing the right mindset.

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Intuitive Art Readings with Susan Jane The Intuitist

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve your heart’s desires, and how to reach your goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does.

Life has become so full of information that it is often difficult to decide what to take on board, and what to let go of. A lot of people don’t know exactly what their intuition is or what it sounds or looks like.

The Art of Intuition, Intuitive Drawings shows you exactly what your intuition is telling you. These workshops can be fun and exciting or thoughtful and engaging it is up to the individual to express themselves.   Book your event today!

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