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The Art of Intuition

Self Discovery and Self Knowledge with Darlene and Susan Nov 27, 2021

1.44 Darlene & Susan talk Self-Knowledge. The Starting Point for Change.

Darlene has been spiritual her whole life. As a young girl, she could feel things before they happened but as time went the opinions of others created enough fear to shut that part of her. Darlene always had a sense of the things people did not say and this has served her greatly over the years. However, in her 30`s an event created such a strong feeling in her that she knew there was something more to life. Thus began her serious thirst for Self-Knowledge.

Intuition and Spirituality cannot be defined exactly because there is so much, we don’t know. However, the main takeaway from this episode is that you defined your spirituality and you defined your own intuitive connection with your spirit.

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Remember we are all Naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

Susan Jane

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