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Most survivors of sexual assault never report it. Why? Feb 26, 2021

Survivors of sexual assault may never report it. Here are some of the reasons why.

There’s a warning on this article by Belinda Jepsen from Mamamia and rightly so. In it four women share the complicated reasons why they didn’t report their sexual assault and I am one of them. This article is not for the faint hearted, it is raw and to the point, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Surviving Sexual Assault is one thing

Surviving sexual assault is one thing, reporting it is a completely different thing. It relives the attack and makes you feel like you have to justify everything that lead up to it. Like it was your fault.

Sure there have been cases when women have falsely accused someone of rape but how many have not reported even when it has happened. The numbers are stacked and yet attitudes seem to always go towards the person who was attacked. To determine what they did wrong. Looking for answers to see why they were assaulted as if they deserved it.    

Brittany Higgins has highlighted this fact again. Everyone asked why it took her so long to come forward. How long would it take you to “get over” a rape? A situation that could cost you your job, your reputation and any future in that industry. To speak up and have your named associated with such an experience is terrifying. Then to be criticised because you didn’t do what is expected, is challenging at the very least.

Reporting Sexual Assault is another

Why didn’t I come forward? It is in the article. Why do I speak about it now? That is in the podcast.  Personally I respect the courage and strength it takes for people like Brittany to come forward in such a high profile many and go through the event again and again. I swore only to talk about the pack rape I endured it if it could help someone in some way or bring about some sort of change. I sincerely hope this lets you see another side to reporting sexual assault.

Susan Jane

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