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How I injected $85,000 Gympie Times Newspaper Intuitive Nature

How I injected $85,000 into my home, in 6 months, without lifting a finger. May 19, 2020

Queensland Storms …

I always enjoyed school holidays with the kids especially this particular year. It was just before Christmas and we had finished feeding the potty calves on our 90-acre organic farm. We were waiting for an impending storm to pass over when our world shook.

Having experienced many storms along the coast of Queensland, I knew the outside remained free of anything that could blow away. Knowing things were safe I relaxed back into my chair.

Shakti Gawain

I had read about this method of focussing several years prior by the author Shakti Gawain in a book titled Creative Visualisation and had been rehearsing it for about six months.

The technique, for me, was to mentally go from room to room in the old farm house, picturing how I wanted each room to look. I concentrated on the colours of the walls, the bed linen, extra furnishings and in some rooms, I even pictured new built in wardrobes. Picking the colours in the kitchen including bench tops, tiles and cupboard doors, right down to the mental images of the new door handles I wanted. I enjoyed mentally shopping for the old farm house and although the things I asked for were not elaborate or over the top they gave me a lovely feel of a home full of light, love and happiness. It gave me a fresh outlook to the future with my family in lovely new surroundings and took me away from harshness that was often present in my life during that time.

It all ended abruptly

This all ended abruptly. The next ten minutes of my life has been etched into my mind as vivid now as it was when it happened. Instantaneously I was up on my feet ushering the children through the house towards a known safe space. Pushing them through the kitchen I looked up to see sinister clouds and swirling debris above me. Realising, at that moment, I was looking through the empty space that used to be the manhole to the ceiling of the house. The roof had been ripped off in a heartbeat and my fear turned to protection for my family.

The fear increased

I rushed the children into a small area that was surrounded by strong tongue and groove walls, but it had a large glass sliding door. I reefed a mattress off a bed and propped it up against the sliding door, luckily on the lee side of the storm, to protect the children then raced off to gather the dog, cat, bird and whatever else I could find. They all sheltered in the same small space as the house shook and creaked while the sound of the storm deafened their cries. I watched the windows bow in the kitchen as it took the full force of the storm and was witness to the bedroom window being sucked out as one piece of glass only to shatter as it hit the ground.

With a tear stained face, I madly grabbed the photo albums that held our sacred memories. They were nestled them amongst my children who were now full of anguish and fear. Whereas only minutes prior was excited with laughter and frivolity. How quickly the circumstances had changed. The colossal turnaround from casually dreaming about what I wanted in life to instantaneously knowing what was really important. I scrambled around the house unsure of what was going to happen next.

The storm eases

The storm eventually eased, and we surveyed the damage. We had lost most of our roof and everything was wet and spoiled but we were safe. The old farm house had stood up to the freak storm. It wasn’t long before the police, State Emergency Service and the local paper arrived. This pushed my already adrenaline filled body into overdrive. They reassured us that the house was sound, as they covered the roof with tarps. We phoned the insurance company to assess our situation.

I know why the photographer asked me to stop smiling for the camera. He wanted his readers to see the results of a terrifying situation, we had just experienced, but I struggled.

Thank goodness

I had just learnt that the insurance we held was classed as blue ribbon and that gave us new-for-old replacement. It meant a rebuild internally as well as a new roof. The sooner I started picking the paint wall colours the sooner the work could be completed. I was standing in front of the camera trying to look devastated. When in fact I was seeing my visualisation come to life right before my very eyes. I felt almost guilty, like I had deliberately caused the storm to hit. But of course those forces are a lot greater than mine, or are they?

The more you visualise your goal the sooner it will appear. But make sure you are well prepared for how it arrives. I did not expect to go through the upheaval of losing my roof in a storm. However within a month or so of this happening I was living in my visualisation exactly how I imagined it. We are all naturally intuitive and have this ability. For more details go the website for further guidance.

If you want to increase your Intuitive Awareness one easy way is to learn how to do Flower Readings. Connecting with your emotions before you intuitively choose your flower tells you what your intuition is wanting you to know. On line courses are now available.

Susan Jane The Intuitist

Copyright © Susan Jane 2015

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  1. Debra Yuille on 13 July 2020 at 1:58 pm

    Great Article Sue!! We all want to go the long way, and when we use our power to ‘see’ the end result and give over the path to our highest good, it’s amazing what can happen quickly!! The universe has a way of cutting through all the obstacles our logical mind puts in the way of us moving towards living a better life.

    • Susan Jane on 14 July 2020 at 2:35 pm

      Thank you Debra,
      I must say after all of the visualization I did over the six months I felt a little funny at the end of it. It was like I had created it myself and I guess to a certain degree I did. Ha ha ha! It is amazing what we can do when we believe in something. I’m testing the theory again but this time something completely different. More on that later.
      Bye for now
      Susan xx

    • Susan Jane on 11 August 2020 at 4:29 pm

      Absolutely Debra, the trick is to trust that we can do it. YAH!

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