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The Art of Intuition

The differences between Passion and Purpose with Kylie and Susan Dec 5, 2021

1.51 The Key differences between Passion and Purpose with Kylie and Susan

The key differences between passion and purpose, and the consequences for mistaking a passion for your purpose.

“Just follow your passion,” they said. “Follow your Heart”. How often have you done that only to be disappointed? Discover how you can find your purpose and never be disappointed in this podcast.

What are Kylie’s differences?

Kylie Attwell is an author, content curator, and facilitator for self-transformation. In her Brisbane practice, she conducts one-on-one consultations and energy assessments. She provides guidance to help change the printout of their life. Kylie also facilitates belief change, emotional release, and hands-on healing sessions. This assists to relieve stress and anxiety.

Intuition and Spirituality cannot be defined exactly because there is so much, we don’t know. However, the main takeaway from this episode is that you defined your spirituality. You defined your own intuitive connection with your spirit.

Want more understanding or tools for trusting your intuition subscribe to the podcast. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Look into the website and check out the blogs and free resources. The Facebook Group called Intuitive personal Development has live readings every Tuesday morning at 9 am AEST.

Remember we are all Naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

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