Hold Your Own Intuitive Hen's Party

Hold your own psychic or intuitive hen’s party

Intuitive Parties are no longer limited to a certain few because we are all naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature and we all can use it to its fullest. Here is how you can throw the ultimate Intuitive Hen’s Party with ease.

When someone starts talking about Intuition or Intuitive Parties people often think about the travelling Gypsies. Or the psychic mystic that seems intent about warning you of some far-off possibility that could happen sometime in the future. Other people believe that only a special few can hold Intuitive Parties or groups that develop your intuition or that you need to spend hundreds of dollars getting in professionals. But not anymore. You can now hold Intuitive Parties and have great fun while learning more about yourself and your friends in a safe and happy environment. 

Set an Intuitive Party Scene

The first thing you need to do to hold an Intuitive Party is set an Intuitive Scene. I have been holding Intuitive Parties for Hen’s Parties and Women’s Groups for over 15 years and have found that the environment needs to be safe and easy to access. If it is at someone’s home, make sure there is parking available or you let people know where to park. Ensure the guests have safe access so they arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the event. I suggest drinks and nibbles are ready for the guests on arrival and offered out while waiting for everyone to arrive.

For a Hen’s Party or Bridal Shower

For Hen’s Parties I recommend that you start before too much alcohol is flowing. It does help some people to relax and let their energy flow (which is what you want) but if they drink too much it can block the energy flow and become stagnant. So, alcohol is OK in moderation, after all it is a party. Give yourself a basic timeframe for the Intuitive party of one to two hours depending on the Intuitive Games.

Mix the areas up if you have space

If the area allows try to separate different Intuitive Games around the room so they can be experienced separately from each other. I have set up the area with card readings in one section, runes and drawing in another. Make sure you have all the equipment you need for the party such as pencils, sharpeners, paper, candles, soft music, food, drinks and Intuitive Party Games

If you are holding an Intuitive Trees Hen’s Party then I would suggest large table or tables together that all the guest can be seated at, with the Bride at the head of the table, of course. This seating arrangement is also perfect for great interactions and colouring in, if you were doing mandalas.  

Create an Intuitive Atmosphere

Getting the atmosphere right before the guests arrive will create an instant appeal and it is easy to do.

After you have set up the furniture in the room or area then you can add Intuitive Touches such as candles, music and scents. Make sure the candles are in a safe place away from curtains or other materials that could catch fire. It is preferred that the candles are put on a metal or ceramic base to capture the wax and keep the area clean. Music should be played to lighten the mood so pick your favourite tunes that suit your party goers but make sure you have a track or two ready if you want to do a meditation or quieter music to let the energy flow. Scents can be created with your candles or by using natural oils or incense. I prefer the 100% organic oils in a diffuser but again that is your preference if there is a nice scent to walk in to.

Keep your guests relaxed

As the guest enter offer nibbles and drinks to relax them even more. Their relaxed energy will create the perfect atmosphere for your Intuitive party.

I like to start off the Hen’s party by letting the guest know that they can make this as fun and exciting or as deep and meaningful as they want. Alternately we can do both and the party goers usually dictate their preferences. Intuitive Parties are mainly for women therefore lots of talking, sharing and guiding will be done in the course of the event. We ladies can’t help it, we like to help each other, share our information and sometimes just plain talk. Allow them to talk and interact as that will also help them relax ready for the party to commence.

Have plenty of Intuitive Games to play

The more Intuitive Games you produce for your guest to develop their Intuition the more time they will need to try them. I call them games because the intention is to have fun while you are gathering a deeper understanding of yourself. These ‘Games’ can be used as serious tools for all kinds of spiritual development.

You can find lots of different games to try on the internet here are just a few:
  • Scrying (Looking into a crystal ball or a glass bowl of water)
  • Runes (An ancient Roman form of Oracle presented on Stones)
  • Oracle Cards (A modern form of Card Readings)
  • Tarot Cards (An older form of Card Readings)
  • Intuitive Trees (Draw your tree and analyse the meaning)
  • Mandalas (Created by Buddhist Monks from coloured sand)
  • Pendulums (Create your own pendulum for Yes/No answers)
  • Tea Leaves (Everyone’s favourite and fun to do with the correct leaves)
  • Intuitive Flowers (Pick a flower image of your goal for proof that your intuition is guiding you)
  • Crystals (Can be used to develop your intuitive awareness and lots more)
  • I Ching (Ancient Chinese divination tool)
  • Intuitive Boxes (Let your intuition guide you to reveal what’s in the box)
A smooth event

For your event to go smoothly give clear explanations of each game or tool so the guests can join in at a beginner’s level and get enjoyment out of it. Often it is wise to have pens and paper near each Intuitive Tool so the guest can jot down their cards or responses.

With an Intuitive Party you have the control over the amount of time you put into it. It is very flexible and dependant on your guests and the people involved. If they get involved all together your party could go on indefinitely or if your guests sit back and watch it may only take an hour. The flexibility is in the time and the amount of involvement that is put in. Also, there is spaces to have breaks, another glass of wine or a quick toilet stop as the afternoon or evening goes along. 

Your Intuitive Hen’s party

Intuitive Parties are a journey of discovery as you learn more about yourself, with the help of friends and family. You can get in as deep as you like or remain at the surface and still enjoy the time. An Intuitive Party has no religious connection and they are not religious in any way, shape or form. There is a spiritual connection between you and your spirit, your maker or your collective consciousness whatever terminology you use. You don’t have to be a Psychic, Clairvoyant or an Intuitive to hold an Intuitive Party although everyone is to a certain degree.

An Intuitive Party is all about YOU and what you perceive in life as it is for your guests and what they perceive. It doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do anything, but it can open your mind up to new possibilities and beliefs.  

Intuitive Trees – Intuitive Party Packs

Intuitive Parties created by IntuitiveNature.com.au focusses on Tree Drawings and how to read them to guide your guests. The presenter’s guidelines show you how to create the perfect environment for an Intuitive party and the Tree Analysis and Explanation ensures you have the information needed to be confident in presenting it yourself. Other things in the pack include different card spreads to use with any oracle card deck and Mandala sheets and how to use them.

Or more information on the Intuitive Party Packs for Hen’s Parties go to the Intuitive Shop on Intuitive Nature .com.au website.

Susan Jane The INtuitist

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