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Susan Jane The Intuitist @ Intuitive Nature

What exactly is Intuition?

This is the most common question asked about Intuition.

Intuition is messages from your spiritual being to your physical self in order to create an action. It is the way the body and the spirit communicates. You can receive these intuitive messages in many ways as they come from spirit to the physical.

Intuition is beyond any doubt; it is a deep-seated knowing that creates an automatic response. Often that response is of an emotional nature or we experience it as an emotion. We could see something that reminds us of an experience that has happened in the past. This can bring forward an emotional response which has come from your spirit as an intuitive message. 

When we experience the emotion, we respond or act accordingly. However if the emotion appears to be of a negative aspect we can react to that instead of going deeper to see what the real intuitive message is all about.

We can discover more as we sit with our feelings and let our intuition come through. Then is becomes beyond questioning and it is more than a feeling; it is a genuine knowing. An Intuitive understanding directly from your Spiritual self through your Intuition. 

One thing we must remember about our two bodies and that is the Spiritual Being does not have the physical senses as the physical Human does. Only a Human can touch, taste, smell, see and hear. Spirit knows but cannot experience unless they in a physical body.

It is like riding a bike. You can learn all about it, how to sit on the seat, how to pedal and steer but until you really sit on a bike and ride it you have not experienced it. You cannot feel the wind in your hair, the feeling of exhilaration as you balance yourself around a corner or even the experience of crashing into a nearby fence. Spiritual beings need to be in the physical body to really experience the physical senses.

Beliefs are be influenced by culture, creating differences, tensions and doubts about that belief. Intuition is a deep seated knowing. You know what to do or what to say. You even know how to do it without ever being taught. 

You don’t question it or think twice about it, you act upon it, not knowing why or second-guessing it. It can come through as a 'Gut Feeling' which usually means it has come through the Sacral or Solar Plexus chakras and you feel it in the stomach area. 

A knowing or intuition is a thought, an action or a feeling that does not hold any doubt. Intuition has also been classed as innate knowledge, a type of knowledge we are already aware of. This is because the Spiritual Being has experienced many lives of many years so it does bring through some innate knowledge. However, that can be forgotten very quickly as the child grows. 

Intuition is also called our 6th Sense which it is to a certain degree because we refer to our senses in the physical realm. The 6th Sense is in the Spiritual realm that comes through into the physical environment.

What is Intuition about?

The physical body is a three dimensional body used in the physical world to experience the five senses of sight, sound, smell touch and taste through various aspects and for a limited period of time. The physical human is a means of experience for the Spiritual Being who does not experience the 5 physical senses unless within a body.  

The spiritual body is a body of energy that collects and experiences information through many physical bodies to expand its Intuitive Knowledge and is done so over an indefinite period of time. They are connected to one physical human at a time but are attached to everything and everyone. They are infinite and can be referred to as Universal Energy, Prana, God and many other names.  

The mind is not a body, there is not a mental body. The mind processes information that is gathered from the physical body and blends it with the ideals from the spiritual body to create thought. The mind is therefore a process not a body. It is there to process the SPiritual intuitive messages with the physical thoughts and beliefs. 

In this Aura and Chakra digital scanning image we can clearly see the physical body within the aura or spiritual body. The chakras are the spinning vortexes that give and receive energy from internal and external environments as continuous flow.  

It is through these chakra energy centre's that we often receive our intuitive information. 

Intuitive Vibes Chakras


Emotions are 'energy in motion' which are used to direct or guide the processes of the mind. They are a tool that the physical and spiritual bodies use to communicate with via the mind. Emotions are tools just like electricity is a tool, they are both energy in motion.

It is through the emotions that an understanding is created and that eventual understanding becomes Intuitive Knowledge or a ‘Knowing’. Intuition is ‘Deep Seated Knowing’. A Knowing that may have been developed over many, many lifetimes, through various physical incarnations and stored within the spirit.

Intuition is created by the physical body via the thought processes of the mind. It is permanently retained within the spiritual body and this can only be achieved by using emotional energy as the guiding tool.

Emotions are a tool of communication that we need to pay attention too in order of achieving the agendas of both the physical and spiritual bodies.

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