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Susan Jane The Intuitist @ Intuitive Nature

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All workshops and retreats have been cancelled for 2020 until further notice due to the Cronona Virus.

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I choose ME - Workshops and Retreats

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MELLY S - The Story Collector

Melly Stewart is an author, speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor, videographer, award winning photographer, entrepreneur and host & founder of the #courage1000project global platform, WebTV Show & podcast. Her mission is to provide support, guidance and education to help authors, creatives, intuitives and spiritual entrepreneurs to find the courage and confidence to take purpose driven action to solve the unique problems and pains they see in the world.

Influenced by the research of Brene Brown and written works of Elizabeth Gilbert, Melly Stewart has used her 10 years experience in Photography /Videography, 15 years in the entrepreneurial space, 18 years experience in various forms of Customer Service and her highly intuitive and curious nature to develop a unique perspective when it comes to understanding people and connecting them to their life purpose through the art of storytelling. It is because of this she is frequently referred to as The Story Collector.

Through a childhood of struggling to understand why she constantly felt others emotions, to a profound experience with death, the life changing joy that comes with birth, to coping with the societal pressures of motherhood… all while running her own business. Melly’s story culminates in what she refers to as her ‘Year of Red’; the year life and death met forcing her to finally acknowledge a lifelong struggle with her identity. She shares how finding the courage to fully accept herself ultimately changed her entire life and business.

Upon sharing her story with others, she was frequently referred to as inspirational and courageous and had many women reaching out to her, asking for help. It was through deep reflection that she discovered the 3 key pillars of her own journey which could be used to help empower other women just like her:
• Courage
• Self-Awareness
• Radical Self Love

She shares this information in her presentations and workshops while drawing on her own life experiences, her clients and those whom she has interviewed through her global platform, to show others that the success they are seeking, in business and in life, lies in their ability to be courageous.

Melly Stewart The Story Collector

Please find out the form if you want to know more about the upcoming

I choose ME - Workshops and Retreats

Susan Jane - Intuitive Influencer

Susan Jane is a published author, inspirational speaker, life/business coach and the Event Director of the Personal Growth Expo. Susan has spent over 30 years encouraging people to grow, trust and utilise their intuition to enable them to make confident decisions in line with their true core values.

With three young children, Susan set about connecting with her local community. She led a successful project with young families, which culminated in a nomination for Australian Citizen of the Year. However Susan’s life changed dramatically when her 20-year emotionally abusive marriage ended and she had to rediscover who she was and what she really wanted.

In 2009, Susan returned to university to update her qualifications. She studied Public Health Promotion full time while working three part time jobs. Unfortunately, six months after graduating, a change of State Government saw the discontinuation of all Health Promotion positions. Although feeling extremely out of her depth, Susan again engaged her personal determination. Deep down she knew there was still a lot more she could offer. On a shoestring budget, and with strong faith in her ability, Susan wrote, published and marketed her first book. An experience that now has her writing three more books of a similar nature targeting personal development.

Susan has harnessed her experiences to mentor others; her altruism constantly benefits those around her. She currently coaches young athletes, volunteers with two community groups, and has launched a series of Personal Growth Expos. Susan strength lies within, as she relies strongly on her intuition to guide her towards her goals in life. She has learnt to connect with this power and teaches others to do the same through the tools she has developed over her lifetime.

Nominated Australian Citizen of the Year 1988
Awardee of Merit for three categories of Women in Business Awards 2017.
• Gold Coast Woman in Business of the Year Award.
• Community Dedication and Social Justice Award.
• Creating Change Award
Bronze winner for two categories in Asian Pacific Stevie Awards 2018
• Innovative consumer event for 2018
• Most innovation communication professional of the year 2018

Susan Jane The Intuitist @ Intuitive Nature

Please find out the form if you want to know more about the upcoming

I choose ME - Workshops and Retreats

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