Trusting Intuition

Learning to trust our intuition can be daunting at first.

Yet it can be the most natural thing in the world that we do. To trust your intuition, you must first be aware of the signs that are being directed to you from a variety of avenues. Unfortunately, these signs can come at the most difficult of times and often we are just not ready for them; consequently, we brush them off. However, one way to practice trusting our intuition, without putting life or limb on the line, is through the use of items such as flowers, images, or pictures.

Trusting is also part of being able to express it without fearing the consequences especially when doing readings. This is why it is easier to read for a stranger than it is to read someone you know.

So…if you’re ready to dive in, play, learn and blossom….

Head over to this page and see How easy it is to start Tuning In.

Courses to help you trust your Intuition

Learn how to read live flowers in an easy step by step manner to learn to trust your intuition and achieve your emotional goals. Sharing your ability with others requires trust. 

Flower Image Readings

Don't be restricted when flower images can show you twice as much intuitive information on how to reach your emotional goals

Intuitive flower drawings takes you deeper into your intuition to discover more about your emotional goals in life. The two fold approach will have you drawing and reading your flower and others. 

Tree Readings Coming Soon

Your purpose in life is intuitively express in tree readings where you can develop your intuition and discover more about your life purpose