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Learn Flower Readings

Flowers represent our Emotional Goals in Life

Susan Jane The Intuitist @ Intuitive Nature

Reading them has never been so exciting.

At first learning to do flower readings can seem daunting but they are really easy. To start with we look at the logical aspects of the flower and start to break it down. We find out what each area means and how that relates to us or the person you are reading for. It is truly amazing how you can logically look at something only to have your intuition jump in and take over. 

Of course this is exactly what we want it to do. So the more you focus on your flower the more your intuition jumps in and guides you. It's not rocket science it is being open and willing to listen to your intuition. 

Don't restrict yourself to reading just a deck of cards. Open your intuition up to reading any flower image you can find on the internet. A flower image that intuitively suits you and your Emotional Goals in life. Intuitive Nature's Flower Reading Courses will have you reading flowers from the very beginning and the courses even have a professional level. Taking this course allows you to charge for your Intuitive Services.    

Multi coloured rose - Learn Flower Readings

Different Types of Courses to Learn

There are three different types of Flower Reading Courses to learn but you only need to pick one type. The information is similar across the courses but we often prefer to work in different ways. 

Reading Live Flowers

This is actually reading the essences of a live flower. We will still start with looking at it logically and gathering the correct information while waiting for our intuition to kick in. Perfect for those intimate one-on-ones or small group work where you are there in person. Picking the flower in this case can be rushed and not quite what the person is seeking when it comes to helping them with their goals. 

Why not become a Professional Flower Reader

Not sure which course to take?

For a full breakdown of what is available have a look at our courses and packages now but watch the video first so you know what to expect. Or go straight to Intuitive Flowers Academy and start reading flower NOW

Watch this video now!

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Learn how to do Live Flower Readings

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Blossoming Intuitively Course

Blossoming Intuitively – Intuitive Flowers Readings On Line Course “What do you want to do with your life?” They have asked you over and over again ever since you were a kid.  And you are so sick of hearing that question because what you want, it’s different from everybody else. You don’t care about whether…

The different types of Flower Readings

Reading Flower Images

Learning to read flower images takes you a step back from your guest but takes you a step forward in terms of understanding the goal. A red rose can be held in a Live Flower Reading but in a Flower Image Reading the way the flower is captured, in that snap shot has the most relevance. Flower Images can be read without having to be present and there are over 16 elements in a flower image that can be read. Perfect for internet readings where you want the image only and of course there are no restrictions as to what is growing locally.  

Reading Flower Drawings

This is a very new area and the very best for doing workshops where you can focus on one area in particular. Learning how to Read Flower Drawings brings in a different element of connection where your guest is using their intuition (often they don't realise) to draw the flower. The drawing takes on a completely different mean when it is not drawn to scale or picture perfect. I used this course for corporate clients to help get their staff motivated and the guys loved it.  

Learn how to do Flower Readings Susan Jane

Packages to develop your Intuition.

Intuitive Flower Readings can also be used at Intuitive Parties. Instead of drawing a tree you can find a flower image or draw a flower. These courses are more involved and detailed which is why the are a course structure.

Intuitive Parties are all about connecting, developing and trusting your Intuition in a fun and relaxing environment with like minded people. These easy to complete courses walk you through the steps to becoming a Flower Reader in no time at all. Imagine you being the Intuitive or Psychic at the next gathering and getting paid for it. 

These packages are available to download as a PDF now. They come with written instructions and lots of extras to help your guest connect with their intuition.

Are you ready to learn Flower Readings?

This link will take you to the Courses and Products page where you can click on the image for more information about the course.  

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