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The Art of Intuition Events

Artwork with Awareness

Explore your Creativity and Discover your Intuition

Absolutely no experience is needed for these Unique, Creative & Intuitive Gatherings

Artworks with Awareness

Discover your artistic diversity and creative potential with all of your friends while creating Artwork with Awareness. 

Let your intuition speak to you through the art you create and get a personal reading with it. A great party idea for homes, backyards, function spaces, or your favorite restaurant. 

Gatherings with Insights

Want a great adult party idea without the r-rated tag. Now you can have it, with an intuitive art party designed for tasteful gatherings. 

The right people make the best parties, so gather your besties and enjoy your special time in a very unique way.  

Paintings with Readings

Grab the bubbly and celebrate your greatest milestone with this unique Hen's party or Bridal shower activity. Create your event and get some time out with your besties. 

At last, a blend of both, art and readings. Ditch the Psychic and create your own intuitive art. 

Workshops with Instincts

Had enough of the same boring team-building exercises at work? 

This is one you'll never forget, neither will your team leader. Uniquely discover what intuitively motivates you and your team without saying a word.

Activities with Perception

Performance Anxiety is crippling in the sporting arena but it doesn't need to be and there is a fun way to understand it more.

Discover how your team functions, are motivated and how they can achieve great performance without the anxiety.  

Connections with Intuition

Are you working away or have a global team that you want to stay connected with? Even if you are apart, Intuitive Art Readings can bring you together.  

Find out more about your extended friends and connect intuitively with them through art. 

You won't see this everywhere. It is very unique!

Intuitive Art Readings

Looking for something that you don't see everywhere else?

Something unique, creative, and inspiring, and it lets you discover more about yourself without even trying?

Have fun, even in the office, with these amazing 2 - 2.5 hour workshops that can be held anywhere. All you need is a table and chairs although a picnic rug would probably work just as well.

Intuitive Drawings can take your goals a huge step forward so you can see what your Intuition is guiding you towards. This works extremely well in all aspects of your life including your personal, your business, and your recreational life.

These gatherings will get your creative juices flowing while you reminisce about times gone by. Of course, as you chat about what is happening now you will also reveal your future in your artwork. The best part is that it is all done according to YOUR intuition.

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Sip & Paint Workshops & Events The Art of Intuition

Intuitive Drawings offers unique and relaxing drawing workshops for all to enjoy while exploring more about you.

Not only do you get to take home your own creative sketch you also discover more about your direction and purpose in life.

All this fun and interaction now has a deeper meaning and it all comes from you. There is no experience necessary because you will be guided every step of the way.

This is not an art class but a fun and relaxing way to explore the deeper side of you while enjoying a glass of bubbles.

Let us come to you, don't miss out, book your event today!

The Art of Intuition Sip'n Intuitive Drawings
The Art of Intuition Business Events Workshops

Tired of trying to motivate your business team or not sure how to motivate at all?

Stop trying so hard. Relax a little and let your team show you how they need to be motivated. Without speaking a word you can find out exactly what motivates your team. But you want more right?

In this one workshop you can discover the importance of the team objectives. Find out what their focus is actually on, reveal how to communicate with them and the type of thinkers they are.

The team learns more about themselves and the team leaders understands more about how to communicate with the team on a deeper level. It's a win-win while having fun reliving a childhood past time. Book an event today!

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant."

Albert Einstein

We won the grand final our first year in the competition but it didn't mean it was easy. Elite sportspeople already have the knowledge and skills to perform on the field at their very best. However often performing at these higher levels can create undue pressure on the individual.

Addressing performance anxiety and trusting in one’s own ability starts with creating a positive attitude and a trusting mindset. But you don’t need to be a high profile elite athlete to experience performance anxiety.

The competition for most sporting teams is not the other teams or clubs. The competition is within each and every team member to be the very best that they can be. The only way they can do that is to confidently and naturally strive towards their sporting goal.

Help your team discover more about themselves and their team mates to create the best possible results for everyone. This positive flow on effect will help their families, the sporting club and your faithful supporters.

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1 Performance Anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops take between 2-3 hours

All working materials are provided

Any catering is supplied by event organisor

Cancellations are a natural occurance

Team Leaders receive extra Resources

Personal readings are part of the package

A guided mindset meditation is included

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve your heart’s desires, how to reach your goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does.

Life has become so full of information that it is often difficult to decide what to take on board, what to let go of. A lot of people don't know exactly what their intuition is or what it sounds or looks like.

The Art of Intuition Intuitive Drawings shows you exactly what your intuition is telling you. These workshops can be fun and exciting or thoughtful and engaging it is up to the individual to express themselves.   Book your event today!

Einstein is widely quoted as saying, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant."

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Intuitive Trees with Susan Jane

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Intuitive Nature

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Intuitive Vibes

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Intuitive Art Reading Workshops
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