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The Solar Plexus chakra connects us with the energy to take action and express our true personal power.

Solar Plexus or Third Chakra

The third chakra is called the SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra (Manipura) This chakra symbol connects us with the energy to take action and is the seat of self-esteem and expressing our personal power. Intuitive communication are strong in this chakra often referred to as ‘gut instincts’. Self-honouring starts here. A healthy third chakra honours emotions, warmth, intellectual…

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How the Base Chakra motivates us through food, rest, money and sexual expression, ensuring personal survival

Base Chakra or Root Chakra

The First Chakra is called the BASE or ROOT Chakra (Muladhara)  The Base Chakra links us to the physical world, solidity and support – especially to the physical body. It is the foundation of energy and is associated with Personal safety and Security issues. The Base Chakra manifests strongly in the motivation to ensure personal survival…

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