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The meaning for the word mandala is commonly referred to as ‘circle’ and that symbol has many symbolic meanings, throughout all cultures. I first came across mandalas during my meditation practices where I researched the sand mandalas or sand paintings used as a form of meditation.  After days or weeks creating the intricate patterns of the mandala, the coloured sand is swept together and poured into a body of running water as a blessing.

Buddha Teachings

As with all of Buddha teachings the blessing is in the journey not the ending or results. Crafting the sand mandalas gave the creators the answers they were seeking and in thanks they return the sands back to their rightful place.

We can achieve a similar experience and seek answers to our questions in the modern form of mandalas. Print out your mandala, grab some coloured pencils or crayons and give yourself some time to enjoy the process. You don’t have to complete the mandala in one sitting and can come back to it whenever you feel the need. You may not get the full answer on your first sitting and therefore could need a couple of more ‘breaks’ before full understanding comes through.

Write out your question

Write your question that you seek an answer to at the top of the page. Relax, put on some soft music, light a candle or burn some incense. Do whatever you do to relax and get ready to colour in. Spend as much time as you like enjoying the experience and remember you may not get all the answers the first time but keep practicing and they will come.

This is a form of active meditation as you are doing something to keep you conscious brain active so your sub-conscious can come through. This will also help you connect or tune into your intuition.

Post up a picture of your mandala when you’ve done. We would love to hear how you went and see the results of your meditation.

Susan Jane The Intuitist

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